PC MP3 Resize

PC MP3 Resize

It allows you to resize MP3 files from a big MP3 file to a small MP3 file
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  • After resize, is the quality of the music the same?
    No, the quality of the output file won't be the same since resizing will alter the quality. Whenever resize is used, the output file will be smaller while the quality will be adjusted. The quality remains the same when you cut the file into multiple parts, but not when you resize it.


The PC MP3 Resize allows you to resize MP3 files from a big MP3 file to a small MP3 file, with a few mouse cicks, fast, easily with an quality results.
Also, you can convert your MP3 files to and from many other audio formats the PC MP3 Resize is supported.

The 'Events Operator' of the program allows you to operate events when the process has done, such as playing a notification sound, turn of the computer, notice an external application and more...

The Audio Player of the PC MP3 Resize allows you to play MP3, WAV, WMA with a few mouse clicks. No external MP3, WAV, WMA codec is needed.

The PC MP3 Resize also allows you to display and edit the audio tracks, easily. Just operate the Audio Analyzer of PC MP3 Resize and edit them easily.

PC MP3 Resize also contains the Item Editor which allows you to get the details about the source file, and to set the range to process and the ID3 tags of the destination audio file.

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